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Bali Sex Massage: Sex in Bali Dangerous?

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I was talking with a friend the other day about having sex in these bali massage salons.  He asked me if I was ever afraid of catching an STD.  It got me to thinking about this blog and safe sex.bali escorts

There are risks in everything we do in life.  When you get out of bed and leave your house you are at a varying degree of risk.  But, some of us go out in our Volvos and do the speed limit and go to our safe desk job.  Others hop on the Ducati and buzz at 150 to their demolition job.  You can never be completely safe, but you can be smart.

Condoms are not only a good idea, they are a must!  Most of these girls will fuck you without a condom for a few extra rupiah.  But do not be stupid.  The sex feels better without a condom, but only until you cum.  A STD can last a lifetime and it is sheer stupidity to even risk your health for a few minutes of enjoyment.

So my advice, if you do not get anything else from this blog is this:  when you go to a Bali sex massage establishment for a happy ending massage, WEAR A CONDOM.  If you are getting anything other than a handjob/blowjob, WEAR A CONDOM!  If you do, you will never thank me for being right.  If you dont, you could spend the rest of your life wishing you had listened to an old clown like me.

Have fun everybody, but be safe.